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Thread: $80 for radius server! ?

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    $80 for radius server! ?

    Ok, we need a radius server setup by thursday.

    This server is on chap and forwards to 2 ip address.

    If you have DONE this before and can have it setup by thursday email me.

    Its worth $80 to me.


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    Re: $80 for radius server! ?

    whats a radius server?

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    Re: $80 for radius server! ?

    whats a radius server?
    it's obvious who's NOT going to get the 80$

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    Re: $80 for radius server! ?

    LOL, well anybody who can SPEAK UP!!!!! ASAP


    Email me if you need to.

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    Re: $80 for radius server! ?

    lot of work for $80 in a day or two. A lot of different radius
    servers out there too, I'm assuming your using FreeRadius.
    CHAP can be a real pain on FreeRadius, especially if your
    not using plain passwords. Are you running w/NAS servers
    and routing through Cisco? Cisco versions may require
    updating if your routing smtp through it too. Are the groups/
    users setup??? Have the serial/modem cards been
    compatibility checked/tested?

    Maybe 2 days worth of questions there.
    Are you planning on configuring via ssh?

    I'd like to help, but it doesn't sound too promising,
    time wise.

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