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Thread: CUPS vs lpr

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    CUPS vs lpr

    Ok, on my shiny new debian installation I thought I give cups a try to manage my printing... However, I can't seem to set it up at all. First I'm reading all these docs but I don't even know where to begin (foomatic, cupsomatic,...)
    All I want is to get my generic postscript printer (QMS PS410) to work and be accessable from all apps. So... Any hints on where I need to start setting things up or any thoughts on why I shouldn't go back to good-ol lpr and set up the printer in a few minutes?

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    Re: CUPS vs lpr

    i don't know debian does it, but normally when u install cups u can access it through ur webbrowser at port 631
    so in ur browser just type http://localhost:631 and it should bring up the administration of cups. if it doesn't do that, debian probably changed it but then i can't help u.

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