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Thread: a log question

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    a log question

    checking out my log files and i came across something that seemed a little odd to me.
    my /var/log/lastlog is 18mb and has nothing in it, empty.
    If it is empty how is it 18mb in size.
    any ideas?
    running RH7.2.


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    Re: a log question

    hmm strange is really nothing in there ? .. because the log is not in ascii format .. try to view it with
    to see who has logged on lately ..
    also are you trying to view it as user or root ?


    <edit> .. wrong syntax </edit>

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    Re: a log question

    that is really strange. did you do a cat, less, more... ?

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    Re: a log question

    cat | less gives me a bunch of crap. don't know whats in there. when i run lastlog i am listed as the only one logged in previously. do you think i should delete it or just leave it for a bit and see if it gets bigger? space isnt an issue so.......


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    Re: a log question

    yep .. thats the information that should be in the log ..
    the strange thing is that it get so big .. just try to delete it and see if gets renewed .. but make a backup before .. you never know ..

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