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Thread: multiple accounts in kmail

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    multiple accounts in kmail

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to setup multiple accounts in Kmail? I tried to check the kmail site for help but it's not working at the moment.


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    Re: multiple accounts in kmail

    I found your question at LNO has been answered.

    I believe it to be correct.

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    Re: multiple accounts in kmail

    mdwatts , are you with the cross-site posting police??

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    Re: multiple accounts in kmail

    I'm just pointing out the answer for which I believe to be correct.

    Since the answer was not posted directly on this site and others may be asking the same question, then why not post where the answer can be found. Makes sense to me.

    Who said anything about crossposting?

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    Re: multiple accounts in kmail

    What he (mdwatts) said... ;D

    Just because lno is at about an all time low, don't mean there isn't good info there. Mainly just the nhf's tho' because trying to search is a bad joke. You find what looks like a likely post and you can't view it because the posters profile has been eaten.

    At least that's been my experience, the last couple of times I was there. I got so frustrated I swore off of lno. Although I have used a nhf recently. I just won't do the forums.


    t'was a sad day when those (censored's) canned Sensei

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    Re: multiple accounts in kmail

    It's been 2 days since the original question was posted here and still no answer. At least if someone else is wondering about multiple accounts in kmail, they now know where to find the answer.

    I really didn't think answers were only intended for use by the person that originally posted the question. Can others not benefit from them?

    Psycho... Yeah most of the 'profiles not found' are due to my accounts being eaten. I've lost all my accounts (8,900 posts total) which would explain the amount of topics that cannot be viewed.

    I still read the q's and a's at LNO in hopes of picking up additional knowledge though I cannot post anymore. Their email has been down for weeks so the new passwords cannot be sent out to anyone that registers.

    I couldn't agree with you anymore on what they did to Sensei. Damn shame. He sold LNO on the agreement that he stay on as administrator and then they go and fire him.

    The first time my original account at LNO got corrupted, Sensei fixed it up in a matter of hours. Now after numerous emails to hmaratouk, he doesn't even have the decency to respond.

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    Re: multiple accounts in kmail

    Thanks for the help, mdwatts. I forgot that I posted the same question on LNO.

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    Re: multiple accounts in kmail

    Your welcome. I just figured by posting the link to the same question at LNO, that others wondering the same would find the answer.

    Don't get me wrong, but since then I've noticed you post most of your questions both at Linuxnewbie and LinuxJunior and some are fairly simple that would be answered by reading the documentation included with the product/application.

    Personally I always feel the best way to learn anything is to read the docs/faqs and use Google.

    My distro must have 3-400MB of how-to's, faq's, application documentation. Most do not even realize what they have on their filesystem.

    Checkout /usr/share/doc (it is on mine) and you'll be amazed what's in there. Enough to read for months/years. Actually just about everything from should be included with your distro.

    There's nothing wrong with posting questions either here or at LNO, but just in case you did not know about all the documentation that is stored on your hd, I thought that I should point it out.

    I hope this helps somewhat.

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