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    DOS emu

    Does anyone know how to run DOS emu? I have a dos partition and I want to run Hexen. It is a Doom clone, but its my favorite game. It is really old, so I figure it would work fine under an emulator, but I can't seem to figure out how to access anything under the dos emulator. I tried to use wine, but wine crashes a few moments after it starts up. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: DOS emu

    Well, my experience with DOSEMU was basically that I tried to run it, and it bitched at me that it didn't have a proper version of DOS available to it for it to work properly.

    Then I read the instructions for it, it told me how to get it installed and working properly, then I got it up and running. Then I realized that I was using DOS and I deleted it

    Sorry, but a quick Reading of The Fine Manual should tell you everything you need to know. ;D

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    Re: DOS emu

    Then I realized that I was using DOS and I deleted it
    Talk about blasphemy. DOS was awesome, in all its forms.

    Anyway, you have it installed, right? Which DOS are you using (FreeDOS, possibly?)

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    Re: DOS emu

    If DOS is so awesome, why are you using Linux?

    I had to download FreeDOS to make it work, I remember now.

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    Re: DOS emu

    I use dosemu for several old apps. In my experience it is still a trial and error thing as to what will work and not. But I would recommend getting the latest version, 1.0.2 I believe. It is improved, especially sound capability. For my dos I use the drdos eval that Lineo used to provide free for just that purpose, don't know if you can still find that. You can use a native dos partition, but only if you don't mount it in linux.

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    Re: DOS emu

    I experimented with dosemu a bit some time ago and found the documentation included with the product was very helpful and also the docs/faqs at were an excellent resource.

    Also /etc/dosemu.conf.sample is well documented.


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