Hello all,

I have a question about AGP, X and a TNT2 m64 16MB Card. I finally got Tuxracer to work, but it is soooooo slow that it must be software accelerated. When I do lsmod it doesn’t show any agp modules loaded. I have a stock 2.4.0 kernel from Suse and a VIA chipset. This leads me to a few questions.
1) How do I tell if Agp support is compiled into my kernel.
2) I searched on the net first and found a how-to for Nvidia TNT2 cards and the Nvidia Drivers. It says that “I didn’t set the agp to 4X because of Tnt2 and VIA issues.” Anyone know what this means?
3) Also I am lucky enough to have parents that love me enough to buy me a Geforce 3 Ti-200 for X-mas. Anyone else have a Geforce 3 running linux?