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Thread: Swat issues

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    Swat issues

    I have setup samba and swat on Fedora Core 1 as per Chapter 10, "Windows, Linux and Samba". Everything works great.

    I have two concerns:

    1. Whenever I click on something or commit changes to something in Swat it takes forever for the browser (Firefox 1.0) to finish "Transferring data to localhost". I'm used to working with web based gui config tools for Linux like Webmin, which doesn't take a 10th the amount of time to commit changes.

    2. I setup swat and swat-stunnel "only_from" and another ip on my network, so I thought I could config Swat from my other box. However when I try to browse to the server ip:901 I get "the document contains no data" and ip:902 "the connection was refused"

    Any ideas?

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    I myself have experienced this problem as well. I can't really offer a solution unfortunately as I never worked out a way around it, in terms of being able to setup swat-stunnel "only_from" another IP address on the LAN.

    The only work around I found was setting it up exactly how it was stated in chapter 10. I found I was able to log on to the server:901 from any where in my LAN with that configuration.

    Unfortunately I was unable to restrict it to just the one IP from the LAN and not the entire LAN. :cry:

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