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Thread: /bin/bash not found

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    /bin/bash not found

    i was trying to build my LFS system but my box rebooted, and now when i try to login i get /bin/bash not found and im back to the login prompt.
    Is there any way i can login again??


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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    Boot to your other linux installation, then install bash onto your LFS system

    Either that or edit /etc/passwd and change your shell to something that does exist.

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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    do u get this while logging in to your LFS system? or when logging into ur normal system?

    if it's with the lfs system make sure u have /bin/bash on your LFS partition, if not reinstall bash

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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    Thats the problem this happend in my other linux installation so i dont have access to linux anymore :-/

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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    Have you tried booting to single user mode, this uses sh instead of bash.

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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    Yep same problem.
    Any other option ??

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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    Did you keep the bootdisks that you made when you first intalled linux?

    If not, time to reinstall linux.

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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    hmm can you boot into your lfs system ? .. if so you could mount your other system as /mnt/lfs and then create the variable LFS which points to that .. now you go to the lfs book chapter where they say to install bash statically ( this is the 1st time ) .. hopefully now you will get a new bash install , after that you could try to boot and reinstall bash .. its risky but it could do the trick ..


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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    since he was working on the LFS system when it rebooted it might not be bootable yet

    i think it might be best to use a rescue disk from your distro to fix your current linux system

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    Re: /bin/bash not found

    The rescue disk didnt work either, so is time to reisntall a basic Linux. THanks Anyway

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