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Thread: AGP questions

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    AGP questions

    I got a new video card today, it is a Geforce 3 Ti 200. After i installed it i ran the windows install drivers, now my machine will not boot windows. it boots and then either reboots or looks up. when i restart it it asks me if i want to use safe mode, or check each section of the boot sequence. When i say yes too all the booting questions, windows loads, but only in 16 colors and 680X400 mode and i can't change any display settings.

    I also tried the current Win drivers from Nvidia, no luck.

    I've also been trying to get the Nvidia drivers to run in linux. they load, but only with AGP specifically diabled. and the new card will load x, bstill only with AGP disabled.

    Could i have a bad MB or need new AGP drivers or an BIOS update. I have had problems in the past with games under windows and he only fix was patch from Micron(the Manufactor)
    I have looked at the driver section on both VIA(my chipset) and Micron's websites. I have downloaded both of their bios and AGP updates for my MB. But Before i do any thing foolish, i wanted to ask here what the best way to proceed is?.

    And please no windows jokes. i prefer linux, but like games in Win. Mainly because i have never been able to get 3D Hardware Acceleration working in Linux.


    PIII 500
    Via apollo Pro133A
    Tyan S1854 MB
    Geforce 3 Ti 200/TNT2

    Thanks, Brian

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    Re: AGP questions

    hi thor,
    common theme lately, go into you BIOS, find where teh AGP drive is set and cut it back a notch from whatever it is set at. e.g. if at 4x turn it back to 2x.

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    Re: AGP questions

    did you have an AGP card in there before?

    if not, check to make sure the mother board is set for the video card to be AGP instead of pci. Go for the bios update any way

    just a shot in the dark :-/

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    Re: AGP questions

    I had a TNT2 agp card and i saw where it says to choose between AGP and PCI. it is set to agp. I'll play with the settings. it also has a setting for AGP aperture size. the only option is to disable 4X agp, not set it to 2X.

    can anyone give some hints on bios flashing. never done it and the program that i downloaded to flash the bios rom micron, says there is not enough memory avialable. even the tech suport guy didn't understand that.

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    Re: AGP questions

    Well, with 2X AGP everything works. windows and Linux. Linux works with agpgart, but that is a start. I'll play with NvAGP later.

    Well spank me and call me Sally, I'm happy.

    Thanks for all the help from everyone!!!!!!

    Especially Pbharris. He's helped me for along time on getting the Nvidia drivers to work.


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