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Thread: ifconfig command does not exist

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    ifconfig command does not exist

    When I type ifconfig at the command line I get an error that the command does not exist.

    I did a full install of Fedora Core 2.

    Is there somethng else I need to install or a service to turn on or something?

    In a few days I will probably be really embaressed for asking this - for now I'm trudging along with the learning curve.


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    If you log in as root, you should have the path to ifconfig, which may be in /sbin. It's not in your search path otherwise, unless you change that.

    If you're not logged in as root you may need to run it literally; go to the /sbin dir and type "./ifconfig"

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    Dear omnivore,

    Make sure your have installed net-tools package !!

    # rpm -q net-tools

    If you are login as ordinary user then you can run this command !!

    # /sbin/ifconfig

    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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    thank you.

    I've got it now!

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