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Thread: Mozilla not working with yahoo.

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    Mozilla not working with yahoo.

    Since my earlier post on this topic Mozilla has provided me with more feedback on the problem. Everytime I attemp to log into yahoo I get an error message window from Mozilla saying:
    Unknown socket type. Loading aborted.

    What does this mean? Can it be fixed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Mozilla not working with yahoo.

    it can be fixed (i just did so yesterday )
    the problem is that ur build of mozilla does not support https

    if ur compiling it urself, add the following configure option to the ones u already have: --enable-crypto and recompile

    if ur not compiling it urself, here's a link to a version of 0.9.7 that does support it:

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    Re: Mozilla not working with yahoo.

    I'm running Netscape 6.2.1 (because it has a working spell checker) and have no problems with Yahoo.

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    Re: Mozilla not working with yahoo.

    Thanks man. I was using apt-get to install Mozilla. For some reason the binaries included in unstable do not support https. I dowloaded the file you pointed me to and it works, however, I'm not sure I installed it correctly. I simply untarred it in my /usr/local/bin directory and run the "mozilla" executable from the command line. Am I even close to being on the right track?

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    Re: Mozilla not working with yahoo.

    u just have to untar that file anywhere u want and it will create a mozilla directory where u untarred it
    the executables are in that directory

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    Re: Mozilla not working with yahoo.


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