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Thread: problem with mandrake 8.1 and scsi card

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    problem with mandrake 8.1 and scsi card

    Hey everyone
    I just finally got around to reinstalling linux on my box this weekend (mandrake 8.1) and the same problem I've always had has shown up.
    On bootup, when it starts checking module dependencies (using /etc/rc./rc.modules script), it segfaults when doing the scsi_hostadapter.
    If i comment out that scsi_hostadapter line in /etc/modules it works fine so I know it's that. *I'm using the aic7xxx pci card. * this has been troubling me ever since i've gone to mandrake 8.1 and i've never had this problem with any other distro (including previous releases of mandrake). *

    also, when rebooting or shutting down, the comp freezes when disconnection usb device 2. I don't know which device this is but it just sits there and does nothing. Any ideas?

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    Re: problem with mandrake 8.1 and scsi card

    kernel 2.4.7 needed a patch for this card. i don't know what drake uses for a kernel,

    for the USB i would upgrade the kernel too. 2.4.17 has been most excellent for me.

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    there IS a issue with that module, instead of reompiling your kernel, use
    aic7xxx.old or old_aic7xxx module. The best way to do that is to boot from your floppy, and try to load the module manually before you installthe operating system........will save you time.

    Unless you just WANT to recompile, then go for it.

    can download it here:

    or find someone that has the SuSe 7.3, since it shipped with a bootdisk AND a modules disk.

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