Hey everyone,

New to the forum, but wanted to grab some hardware-related feedback about this new dev board weve just come out with!

Its called the Lamobo D-1, and the idea behind it was to make a board that was as portable and affordable as possible while still packing it full of multi-media features, namely an HD camera and hefty built-in storage capacity.

Our favorite part though, is that like the Raspberry Pi, its a Linux board, so if youre not a big Arduino fan or youre particularly comfortable with Linux, its a great board to work with. Unlike the RP, though, its affordable and already comes with the cool accessories.

Anyway, were really eager to know what the Linux and development community think of the D-1, so wed love any feedback you guys have, thanks!

Heres the site (still in Chinese now, English one will be up soon!) and specs (pics on site):


Product Name Lamobo-D1
Product Size PCB 36x36mm
CPU 400MHz ARM926EJ 32Bits RISC Core
Storage Internal Micro SD CardSupports 8/16/32GB TF Card
Camera HM1375 1.3M 1/4" CMOS Image Sensor SoC
Video 1280x720p_30fps H.264/MJPEG Hardware Coding 448MB/Hour Video Recording16GB TF Card w/ 35.7 Hours Video Capacity
Audio MIDI/MP3/WMA/AAC/AAC+/Speech
WIFI Internal RTL8188EUS WiFi Module, Supports 802.11bgn, Switchable Master/Slave Modes
RTC Internal RTC Circuit,Supports OSD Functionality.
PM Internal AXP173 Power Source and MicrochipSupports Smart Lithium Battery Recharging.
Mic Fixed Internal Microphone/
Speaker Audio Driver with Transmission Functionality
Power Consumption Recording: 5V-200mA;
WiFi On: 5V-350mA;
Uses 10000mAH Portable Power Source, Capable of Recording 24 Consecutive Hours of HD 720p Video or Audio.
GPIO Leads to 8 Multiplexed GPIO Leads, 4GPIO/2PWM/1UART or 5GPIO/3PWM.
Internal I2C Control CMOS and Power Source IC;
UART Independent UART Debugging Interface;
USB Independent USB Programming Interface
DC IN Single +5V Cable Input;
Battery 3.7V Lithium Battery Outlet
OS Linux3.4.35, KernelSource Code Level and Above, with Customizable Development