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Thread: NIS Netgroup using RHEL6

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    NIS Netgroup using RHEL6

    Hi everyone,

    I have created NIS server with 1 NIS slave and its working fine. We are planning to use this NIS for multiple client with different users and have read that with NETGROUP I could specify certain users to be able to just login to a specific client servers.. I'm able to create netgroup policy in /etc/netgroup and run $ make netgrp. At the client server, I was able to list the netgroup policy $ypcat -k netgroup.byuser but still any users were able to login to my client server.

    In NIS Master server
    $cat /etc/netgroup

    GROUP1 (client1,nisuser1,)
    GROUP2 (client2,nisuser2,)

    In NIS Client1 server
    $ypcat -k netgroup.byuser

    nisuser1.* GROUP1
    nisuser2.* GROUP2

    $ypcat -k netgroup.byhost
    client1.* GROUP1
    client2.* GROUP2

    And still I'm able to login any client to my client1 server.. Am I lacking something? Do I need to add something on my /etc/passwd? please help.. thanks

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    still I'm able to login any user to my client1 server

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