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Thread: Help, I am Locked from my system

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    Re: Help, I am Locked from my system

    Do you know a windows editor that wont screw up these files
    Every windows editor will screw them up by putting [CR][LF] at the end of each line instead of [LF] only. I've once seen a built-in editor of some EDA tool which had an option of "saving in unix format".

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    Re: Help, I am Locked from my system

    It's called editplus. in options you can select which format the files should be saved as "win/*nix"

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    Re: Help, I am Locked from my system

    I found this in ultraedit. Is this ok

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    Re: Help, I am Locked from my system

    well - they have VIM for windows - by far the bast windows editor i have ever touched.

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