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Thread: NTFS mounting

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    NTFS mounting

    Hey I need some help getting my NTFS (Win2K) partion mounted
    I've seen other posts that give the mounting command. However, my problem is my kernel doesn't support it. Now Ito this point I've only updated my kernel through RedHat up2date. I know this isn't a good way to do it if I want to learn, but it's been quite usefull. So anyway I need to knwo how to fix my kernel to support NTFS. I only need read-only.
    So can anyone help me?
    I don't mind having to learn to recompile the kernel myself. It's about time.

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    Re: NTFS mounting

    If you don't mind learning how to recompile the kernel just to get a NTFS partition mounted, then now's a good time to learn just that!

    Showing you how to do that is beyond the scope of my post.

    It seems that there's a relatively short and concise PET that's been put up for just this:

    Some other sources: (no flames please)

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