Have already copied my /home directory to my 2nd hard drive - now I (apparently) need to make an entry in my /etc/fstab file to "inform" the system that the new /home directory is on the 2nd hard drive (going to "move the current one to "oldhome" temporarily to make sure it works before deleting it). Problem is: I don't see any entry that might be it. One entry pertains to the CDROM, one to the floppy, two are to the two windows areas (C2 and the backup on the 2nd hard drive). The others are:
"/dev/hdc5/ext2detaults11" and
"none/dev/plsdevplsmode-062000" and
"none/dev/shmtmpfsdefaults00" and the last line is:

How do I tell the system the /home directory is now on the second hard drive? I must be missing something obvious. Thanks in advance! ???