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    supported capacity

    I use a p 133 as my file server. Right now it has a 4 gig hard drive in it but theres not enough room for everything i need. If I were to purchuse a 30 or 40 gig hard drive would it work right on this machine?

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    Re: supported capacity

    How old is the computer?

    If it's more than 4 or 5 years old, you won't be able to use that disk to boot from, but it should work under linux just fine no matter how old it is.

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    Re: supported capacity

    i'd probably load linux on the first drive that already works in linux which is 4 gb, then the 30 gb or whatever would be secondary master and mounted as home or something since the only thing in the home directories is the different shares

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    Re: supported capacity

    That ought to work just fine.

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