hi,dear all,I I got one mac-address flapping problem about my linux server, you can see the logs on my switch as follws:
#Dec 30 14:50:26 2013 s5700 L2IF/4/MAC_FLAPPING_ALARM:OID mac-address has flap value . (BaseTrapSeverity=0, BaseTrapProbableCause=0, BaseTrapEventType=4, L2IfPort=549,entPhysicalIndex=1, MacAdd=000f-e21d-7d30,vlanid=3333, FormerIfDescName=GigabitEthernet1/0/9,CurrentIfDescName=GigabitEthernet1/0/1,DeviceName=s5700
*0.2239546363 s5700 L2IF_MAC/7/MACFLAPPING:MAC-Flapping Mac: 000f-e21d-7d30, IfName: GigabitEthnet1/0/1, Vlan: 3333, Slot: 1
Someone can help me? You may feel free to conntect me: dong@3anetwork.com