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Thread: moving lilo from mbr

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    moving lilo from mbr

    I was going to try out a boot manager called xosl, but recommends that lilo be put on the linux partition rather than the mbr, is there a way to move lilo from the mbr and onto a linux partition without a re-install or data loss.

    I dont have partition magic only ranish and fdisk/cfdisk, and i have never used mips.
    LiNuts2 (nee LiNuts) :-X

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    Re: moving lilo from mbr

    You should probably make a bootdisk first. Then unistall lilo from the mbr using lilo -u. And then just change the entry
    boot=/dev/sda *#change this to something appropriate
    boot=/dev/sda1 #change this to something appropriate
    and run lilo to install it in the new location.

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    Re: moving lilo from mbr

    Perhaps i should explain what i want a bit better.
    My disk partition (8.4Gb) is this :
    windows 4.2Gb the other 4.2Gb is divided between Mandrake8.0 (2.1Gb) and Libranet (2.1Gb) but i use the Mandrake lilo to boot both distros, i.e. there is no lilo in Libranet.

    So if i uninstalled lilo and entered this: boot=/dev/hda6 (my / partition) would i still be able to boot Libranet, or would i have to use lilo in both distros : such as :
    boot=/dev/hda6 (mandrake)
    boot=/dev/hda10 (libranet)
    or have i got it all wrong >

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    Re: moving lilo from mbr


    I believe you have it exactly right. I have xosl on mine thanks to stryder and it works fine so far. I have not messed with getting woody working yet, and my winduhs boot only boots to c: in 98's dos. But it's just because I've been busy.

    I set up the 22 MB partition for xosl like the step by step, but I think xosl can share the partition you have windoze on. I was making major changes so I blasted a couple of cd-rw's and started over. Your three os setup should be fine like it is.

    Some one speak up if I'm steering for the ditch here!

    set lilo.conf up to write to the partition holding / for disrto1 and point xosl to that partition for distro 1
    do the same for distro2,
    add winders in xosl and away you go, pretty cool

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