hi all

if anyone has any suggestions, TIA:

-the apache mod_userdir.c: *this mod sets a dir in a user's home dir called 'public_html' as their web directory, so any requests for http://www.servername.com/~username will be resolved to /home/username/public_html. *apparently, browse permissions for everyone on the user's home dir and browse and read permissions for the user's /home/username/public_html folder need to be set for this to work right. *i had to manually create this folder and assign the appropriate permissions for this to work - is there a way to automate this process? or do most people do it by hand?

-apache gui's like comanche and mohawk. *do you guys like them? *or do you just edit httpd.conf by hand? *i think i already know the answer, but shoot...

-the way this box is set up right now is pretty basic. only a few users, ftp- right now i have proftpd set up and it works pretty well for my simple scenario, they all have 'public_html' folders in their home dir's for them to put stuff in. *right now i have defaultroot ~/ set in my proftpd.conf - which 'jails' the users in their home dir's so that they can't navigate to other dir's on the server. this works fine for now, however, eventually this box will host a large commercial site with about twenty plus gigs of data, database connectivity, dozens of people with ftp accounts on it, etc. *i've been thinking about how i have to set up file permissions and ftp however, i'm imagining that when the commercial stuff gets migrated we're going to want to create a bunch of folders in /var/www/html, many ftp users will also need to be ftp'ing not to '~/public_html; but to various folders in /var/www/html, some user may need to ftp to folder to which other people also have permissions to. *and they *still* need to be jailed to only whatever dir's they have ftp permissions for. i've been looking around, but i've yet to find a good howto on how to set up proftpd w apache with this type of scenario - can anyone point me in the right direction?

-is there a way to deny ssh access to all user accounts except admins?

-has anyone had trouble configuring the tabs in fluxbox in any position other than 'top left'? *on one of my boxes, when i try to position it at 'left top' - it winds up sticking out to the side and looking all screwy - if this has happened to you you'll know what i mean.

-what's the deal with favicon.ico? i stuck it in there, and it appears on my machine and my linux box at home, but not when i look at my site on a windows box running the latest IE? it has the same permissions as everything else...

i think that's it. *take it EZ