Hello all, I am experiencing a problem with IP fragmentation.
I am receiving an udp packet that is larger than the MTU and it is fragmented along the network.
I am receiving the two fragments but they are not being reassembled correclty.

The MTU of the system is 1500 and I cannot increase it, because I am getting this error: SIOCSIFMTU: Numerical result out of range.
Is it necessary to build the kernel with support for jumbo frames?

There's any option that should be enabled on the kernel ( to support this feature? Shouldn't this be a default feature?

Any hint that may assist in debugging this issue is welcome.

The first packet it is considered (bad) as a complete packet and I am getting an error at the app level.

The second packet is the last part of the fragment which should be ignored completely:

As reference I am sending the same packet to my laptop which is implementing correctly the fragmentation re-assembly: