Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a router by hand using iptables
but after a lot of examples i've tried from google
i cant get anything to work, my idea is to setup a
box inbetween my cisco and the main switch for
firewall, bandwidth graphs, filtering etc

Im using an old laptop as a test unit for now,
eth0 has the ip of
and gw, this is static and works as a
valid internet connection. eth1 is static with an ip of

I have forwarding enabled via sysctl.conf and double checked the value inside ip_forward.

when i connect a test windows laptop via cable to eth1 i
get no dhcp (dhcp is handled atm by the cisco on
This is normal i suspect since i need several iptable rules, but
the question is which, i have tried so many variations but none
seem to work, can anyone help me please?

regards, Rob.

eth0 :
eth1 :
CISCO<->[eth0]box[eth1]<->devices(eg. windows laptop)