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Thread: Random tips thread

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    Random tips thread

    We need one of these every so often.

    You can turn on and off scroll lock with ctrl+s (turns on scroll lock) and ctrl+q (turns off scroll lock.) *If you've ever hit ctrl+s on accident in an xterm and suddenly found it frozen, and you ended up killing the session, now you know what's going on and how to fix it.

    In KDE and GNOME, if you hold alt down and click and drag the mouse over a window (anywhere in the window), you'll notice the mouse will 'hold' the window at the point you are holding on to. *It's a really neat trick.

    If you are using aRTs for your sound server, start up aRTs Control (should be under the Multimedia menu in the K menu), click on View, then on FreeVerb. *FreeVerb is a neat little utility that allows you to apply certain effects to all the sound that goes through the aRTs server.

    If an application doesn't support aRTs natively, then you can use artsdsp to redirect the application's sound through it (e.g. you can start the ESounD daemon as such: artsdsp esd & .) *Any arguments to the program itself come after the name of the program. *It is very rare that you will ever run into a program that will not work this way.

    If you need a good divx/asf player, check out Avifile.

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    Re: Random tips thread

    For the Emacs users, pc-selection-mode is more intuative than the normal selection mode

    For Vim users: Ctrl-V is rectangle selection and is very useful

    In Python you can apply a function to a whole List with the map() function:
    print map(lambda x: x+1; [0,1,2])
    This will output [1,2,3].

    ngrep is really useful for watching traffic on your computer.

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    Re: Random tips thread

    In order to get Netscape plugins to work with Konqueror you must have Motif (or lestif) installed and install the kdebase-nsplugins package.

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    Re: Random tips thread

    If you like me compile software from tarballs, remember to export CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS like this:

    export CFLAGS "-O3 -march=arch .mcpu=arch" && export CXXFLAGS=$CFLAGS

    arch is to be replaced with your arch... mine is i686 since I have a Duron CPU

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    Re: Random tips thread

    On a redhat system, after you install packages, not through the up2date utility, you should do an up2date -p this will sync your local package database with your system profile at RedHat Network.

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    Re: Random tips thread

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