I am new to using vmware and i just have some problems

I have installed vmware 5.1 on dell 1950 server. I have also created like 4 VMs and one of the VMs with CentOS 6.

My problem is i do not know how to make it possible to access the server host and VM remotely.

I have static IP setup on the vmware host (server) and i have added port forwarding for that IP on my netgear home router. The VM with CentOS 6 has no IP showing and that is where i am stuck now.

How do i make the host server AND the VMs remotely accessible from any location?

Do you have any video tutorial on this? If i can get a detailed step by step instructions that will be really great. I am sure it is just a few little things that need to be done but i just can't figure it out and trust me i have spent days and even more than a week on this and still no solution.

Please help.