I need help setting up my home server network
I will try to be very detailed as to what i want to do


Here is what my home router status shows
NOTE: The exact IP is changed for security reasons

Internet Port
MAC Address 84:1B:5E:CA:53:BD
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask
Domain Name Server

LAN Port
MAC Address 84:1B:5E:CA:53:BC
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask

# 2 SERVERS and 1 PC #

I have 2 Dell 1950 servers and 1 Dell laptop PC
What i want to do is setup a network so i can access files from each of the servers and laptop locally within the network, so i can share like an iso image for network install or something like that.

One of the servers have vmware 5.1 esxi on it and the second one has centOS6.3/kvm on it. the laptop windows 7.Also the laptop will use wireless. Another note is there are 2 other PCs using wireless connection of the router but those computers will not be in my network setup. My network setup will only have the 2 servers by ethernet cable and the laptop by wireless/sometimes ethernet cable.


I will like to be able to access one of the servers remotely. So lets say i go to another location, i can access the server with an IP address. How do i go about doing this? What IP do i use? Where do i get this IP? Is this IP going to be the same IP of my router? This is the most important part i need help with.

If i missed anything that will help give me a solution please let me know.
So where do i start from?