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Thread: Copying complete harddrive information

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    Smile Copying complete harddrive information

    Hello everyone, I have Fedora 14 32bit installed on my sata harddrive and I want to copy it onto a DVD. I then want to install it onto a new SSD. The reason for this is that if I just install the system again from the original DVD I will not have all the updates that I now have. Your help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Hi JTH,

    Here are some HOW-TOs that will help you out migrating your Linux to another hard drive:

    Basically, what you need to do is to get a LiveCD, and then create your partition scheme on the SSD, mount the partitions and then copy your files accordingly(preserving links and permissions). Once you complete so, you will have to modify the /etc/fstab, and then install the grub on your new hard drive. If you use LVM, it would be a similar process.

    However, if you need a more detailed assistance because your situation differs from those HOW-TOs just let us know.

    Hope that helps you!


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    Good morning protocentux, Thank you for your reply, I have noted all that you have said and hope to sort the problem shortly. The information is much appreciated.

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