I have recently got hold of an old server that I have decided to take on as a project.

I loaded CentOS 6.2 and was able to get it connected to the internet via my existing broadband router. So far, so good.

My plan is to replace this router with a more componentised approach based on this server. To this end I bought an ADSL2+ modem (TP-Link TD-8616). I got this setup using my Windows laptop – so I know that it is correctly configured and working. My ISP is running PPPoA as follows
VPI/VCI: 0/38
Encapsulation: VC/MUX
DNS: Auto (provided by ISP)
MTU: 1432

Now I just have to get it working from CentOS. Although I generally can find what I need on the net I have really struggled with finding a good description of what to do next – though I have spent many hours researching. (The plan is to add a second NIC later and then configure DHCP and iptables.)

The best guess I have from what I have been reading is that I need to setup ppp0 to “wrap” around eth0. After a lot of searching the only real way that I think that I have found to do this is by installing the Roaring Penguin pppoe. (I am slightly concerned that it seems to be PPPoE rather than PPPoA – but I don’t suppose that is really any different from Windows, so I proceeded anyway.)

I download and installed this and setting it up (pppoe-setup) seemed straight forward enough. When I do ‘ifup ppp0’ then I see that I have an IP address which I assume has come from the ISP. However, I am not confident about this because the internet light on the modem continues to flash and, unsurprisingly really, I can’t ping anything out on the internet.

My best guesses are
1. I did see some reference to making sure that eth0 isn’t configured to start on boot – but it is far from clear to me whether that was relevant or not since much of the documentation that I have found is VERY old
2. It may be that I have to setup some routing – but this isn’t really an area that I have looked into in any great detail as yet

I can certainly go into more detail as/when someone takes up the challenge to try and point me in the right direction, but I thought I would get this posted now and see who is prepared to take this journey with me . Posting updates once I get home gets a lot harder because I will then have to keep switching between the modem (for testing) and the router (for accessing web).