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    Hello All,
    I have read the Tutorial about how to setup the DNS. I like to get some understanding to what happens once its setup on home computer with DSL. would any one in the outside world will be able to find my server name
    at the middle of the tutorial it said "Fix Your Domain Registration" and their it says to use RegisterFree to point to my server. if so why I have to setup my DNS...
    I thought setting it up would mean that I would not need another server help to find me on the WWW once its name/ip is populated to other search engines in about three days...

    Any help to explain this up and clear my confusion that would be appreciated (please with simple terms if possiple).

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    When you have your own DNS server you are in charge of handling any namespace your domain might hold, you can either set one up yourself (and tell teh root servers where this is located) or use some of the provided hosting services out there that will do it, without you getting into how to setup the server itself, but you still have to tell the root servers what IP is holding information on your namespace.
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