I am trying out some some Redhat Academy labs for Bind but I keep running into errors.

I have edited my /etc/resolv.conf as follows: These are the only entries in the file.
search jamisgood.rha

I have created the Zone jamisgood.rha in the /etc/named.conf file

# /etc/named.conf
# Template file for BIND labs.
# Please note three different comment styles are used for
# illustrative purposes only
options {
//port to listen on requests from local host
listen-on port 53 {; };
// all database files will be searched for in this directory.
// there is seldom any need to change it.
directory "/var/named";
// If you are behind a firewall, you might need to forward
// internet requests to a local machine which does have internet
// access.
#forwarders {; };
// if we are not able to contact the local machine, we do not
// want to try to perform lookups directly ourselves.
#forward only;
auth-nxdomain no;
// Magic to make rndc work
include "/etc/rndc.key";
controls {

Lastly I have the following entries in the database in the /var/named/jamisgood.zone

$TTL 86400
@ IN SOA ns.jamisgood.rha. root.jamisgood.rha. (
2003040100 ;serial number (don't forget to increment!)
1H ;refresh slave
5M ;retry refresh
1W ;expire zone
5M ;cache time-to-live for negative answers
; Name server resource records ( NS )
; owner TTL CL type RDATA
@ IN NS ns.jamisgood.rha.
; Internet address resource records( A )
; owner TTL CL type RDATA
ns.jamisgood.rha. IN A
;station1.example.com. IN A

When I host command as below I keep running into this error. I have double checked all configurations and syntaxes but I can't seem to figure out where I have gone wrong. If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated.

[root@localhost ~]# host -a jamisgood.rha
Trying "jamisgood.rha"
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
[root@localhost ~]#

Thanks in advance!