Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition, web server disabled. I tried to use it via MANY different access methods (Firefox and Interknot Exposer browsers, various file managers and Iomegas software for Linux and Windows), tried several different OSes (PCLinuxOS, Kubuntu, Windows Vista and 7), tried it on 3 wireless routers from 3 different manufacturers (Linksys, Belkin, Netgear).

It BARELY works at all. I try to send files to it, 97% of the file transfers fail. I simply cannot trust it.

It is only attached to a wireless router client port, not to the DSL modem, because I only want it for use as NAS, not for the web server capabilities. Iomega tech support exchanged it under warranty, the replacement drive acts no better. Iomega essentially fled the scene when I had ONE successful transfer while on the phone with them. Iomega blames the wireless router, and all but hangs up the phone on me.

Netgear won't talk to me because their router is beyond 90 days; Linksys is equally useful for different reasons. An OLD Belkin 802.11Gplus is the only router that had the ONLY decent transfer. It also has had several failed transfers, just like the other wireless routers.

From what I see, the transfers start fine, but eventually the transfer seems to stop happening yet the OS thinks it is still going on. At some point, connectivity seems to cause the OS to say 'transfer failed'. When I look at the contents of the drive, it often has <1 meg of the file I sent. Maybe I sent a 2 meg file and it failed, maybe I sent a 2G file and it failed. Oddly, the 2G file eventually transferred up, transferred back and MD5sums matched exactly. Just ONE transfer, the 2G file (a Linux distro ISO). So far, I have a 1 Terabyte boat anchor.

What about ports not being open? How do I get to know which ports that Iomega drive is using? I have to test for the port, because the Iomega documentation doesn't say.