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Thread: Printing a topic to a printer.

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    Printing a topic to a printer.

    A lot of my time is spent away from my own computer and I need to be able to print out the articles from LHN. For instance, I have not been able to print out the IPTABLE tutorial from LHN. The formatting is way off from being able to read it. Either it comes out so small that it would take an electron microscope to read it or a lot of the lines run off the page and do not wrap. The part that runs off the page is lost. Is there a way I can print it in a readable format? I know there are a lot of web sites that provide a button that says, "Printer friendly format." Is there a way of getting it in printer friendly format?

    Thank you in advance.
    Dave W.

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    I just copy and paste to Word then printer the document...a pain but it works.

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