I have a laptop with Windows XP OS. I use Oracle Virtualbox for virtualization.

Guest Operating Systems are: Ubuntu10.04 (lucid) and Centos5.

In my laptop I use LAN ( IP address with my LAN. I have no right to change this IP.

I use wimax (wireless modem) for network access which assignes IP from DHCP server.
and through this modem I use internet.

I have installed web server and postgree sql server both on (Ubuntu and CentOS guest).

My requirements.

1. I have applications on host XP written in c# language and need to access postgre sql server on (ubuntu and/or centos guest)

2. I must be able to access websites hosted on ubuntu and/or centos from LAN ( my host laptop and LAN pcs)

3. LAN pcs and guest os (ubuntu and centos) will be able to access internet via wireless modem.

what kind of network I can configure so that my requirements are served.

note: it will be good if sample config commands are shown sequentially.

Thanks in advance.