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    Question Blocked by SpamAssassin

    I have troubles with spam being blocked by sendmail and/or SpamAssassin.
    I receive some 70+ spam messages a day and I really like them filtered out, I have installed SpamAssassin and it does a great job. BUT some mails (which are spam) gets blocked and sent back to the spammer and my ISP isn't happy about me sending them back. My ISP recognizes those rejected mails as spam and blocks ME from sending legitimate mail

    How can I make my sendmail/SpamAssassin installation stop rejecting spam and simply mark them as spam and deliver them to the mailbox (where I can filter and delete them)

    Thanks in advance

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    What is your MTA? Because as default spamassassin will only mark your recieved mail with a level of severity, the MTA is the one taking action on the spam level provided by spamassassin.
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    Commenting out the line which called SpamAssassing that I've put there and restarting the sendmail server made the trick.
    I found it most strange that the mail was still spam classified and further investigation turned out that SpamAssassin checked the mail from another line in sendmail's configuration file! So, the line I put there made SpamAssassin check an already checked file and returned it back with a Reject code which seems to been relayed all the way back to the SMTP mailer which tried to send it to no-one and there my ISP reacted.

    So, matters solved. Sometimes you should do one thing at a time and make the first work before doing the next... Quite embarrasing

    Thank you for your efforts!

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