I have 2 vlan in my local network and I have configured mikrotik for it, like I have linksys Layer2 switch and create 2 vlan 101 and 102 then make trunk port for mikrotik. its working fine.

But in Linux (FTP Server ) I have 4 lan card with bonding interface, on bonding interface I have also created vlan interface and its working fine for 101 vlan but when I add 102 vlan in same bonding interface it generate timeout on network. On Linksys switch I also create trunk port for Linux FTP server.

To resolve this issue I create 2 bonding interface and add both vlan in different bonding interface but the problem is that I have to assign 2 IPs on both bonding interface. Is there any way to assign single IP to assign on both bonding interface or any inter vlan routing method in linux like cisco layer3 switch ?