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Thread: Single DNS config for tun0/eth0 while using vpnc

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    Single DNS config for tun0/eth0 while using vpnc

    Hi, I'm using vpnc which it is working just fine. However every time I connect to the vpn server resolv.conf is "overridden" with new information returned by the current DHCP server. I'd need to keep the DNS configuration I had for eth0 while still accepting the new DNS config for the tun0 interface. This way I'll be able to access resources from both ends by their names because even I can access them by IP I'd need to keep using their names. Does anyone knows how can this be achieved?

    I'd say that every interface should keep the configuration.

    Thanks for your help!

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    As per what I've investigated, within Unix/linux systems we just have one DNS configuration (resolv.conf) at a time and this is the way it works. As a workaround we may have two options:

    1 - use hosts file to statically map the names we need and cannot be resolved by the current DNS server. This is a well known, quick and simple solution if we just have few resources to map.

    2 - the second solution would be to install and configure a local name server to forward request to the desired name servers based on customized rules. After that, avoid the resolv.conf file to be overridden and setup the local name server as the name resolver.

    If anyone else is aware of any other way to do it please let me know.

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