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Thread: ipv6 route problem......

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    ipv6 route problem......

    my machin 1) 2000:470:1f01:115::3/64 is connect to switch ...

    one more server machine connect to switch at eth5 : 2000:470:1f01:115::4/64

    now in that server machine eth7 ip : 2001:470:1f01:115::7/64
    one other machine connect with eth7 ip is 2001:470:1f01:115::8/64....

    machine 1 to server eth5 ping6 is success full
    eth5 to server machine eth5 ping6 is success full
    eth5 to eth7 ping6 is success full
    eth7 to eth5 ping6 is success full

    now from machine1 2000:470:1f01:115::3/64 to eth7 ip : 2001:470:1f01:115::7/64 ping6 is not success full ..

    Problem is Route because of range 2000 and 2001....
    i dont know how to add route of ipv6 and in which machine i have to add route....???

    please suggest me....

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    The route is always added to the source machine , as an information that which interface the packet should follow in case of particular destination address.

    So add the route in machine 1 .You can also check in server interface eth5 that packets destined for eth7 are reaching there using tcpdump.

    Hope this helps !!
    Manish Gupta

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