I am new a Linux newbie, but I am trying the best to make sure I know things i'm still lacking now. I am in charge of installation of my organization's DNS Server. I was given the task of installing bind. But I don't know what is required of me from the server to the clients. What are the necessary information I need to ask the organization to supply for me to be able to carry out this task. Including the body to provide the nameservers is it the ISP or the company that hosted the domain or the company that registered the name e.g. example.com.ng. I need to know who supply what information so that I can contact the appropriate body.
About the clients to the servers, the clients are Windows XP computers, is there anything I'm going to do and where to the client for them to be able to be seen by the Server? or am I just going to specify only the IP addresses of the clients in the MX record, A record or Pointer? please I need more enlightenment on these issues. I will be happy I someone out there can give me a comprehensive details of how to go about this.
Thank you in advance.