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Mandriva Updates still coming ...
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Thread: Mandriva Updates still coming ...

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    Cool Mandriva Updates still coming ...

    Hi, am new to Linux- 6 month newbie, weaning myself from Microsoft.

    Picked Mandriva because I had a book that used Mandrake as it's demo. I was able to install it with no problems and initially needed desktop view to navigate until I became more familiar with command line.

    I've been receiving Mandriva upgrade notices regularly and have been happy with everything so far. Any issues, I've been able to figure out between the Mandriva site/forum and the web.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux! I started off with Mandriva myself about 10 years ago (they called it Mandrake back then) and actually have been using Debian based distros since (more notably, Ubuntu). I hope you enjoy your experience.

    Btw, you will notice that updates are fairly regular with some distributions, as they update not just the operating system, but all of the programs within it.
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