hello everyone, this is my first post to this forum and i am hoping someone can clear some things up for me. I have been doing some researching and i find this site to be extremely helpful, however i am unclear on a few things...I know that it is possible to provide services such as web hosting from your home linux box especially if you have a high speed connection what i am unclear about is the steps on how to do it. I know that i am going to need to configure some things first but what i am wondering is, can this be done on a high speed connection with only 1 network card or do you need two network interfaces?I know that in order to provide services such as web or ssh to the outside (other users) you have to have ip forwarding enabled, i am just unclear what needs to be done next...1) Do you need two network interfaces to provide services to outside users?2) How can you go about getting a public ip address from your isp? 3) I am on a fios connection so i believe that my ip address assigned to me is DHCP not static so i have heard that there are applications i can use to it goes to the same DNS hostname? If anyone knows of which apps i would need, and if you can elaborate on this for me i would greatly appreciate it.4) I have experience with iptables however, i have never used rules with nat or masquerading variables or prerouting or postrouting, so i know that i will need these for firewall uses however i am unclear on exactly what i need to configure...What i am looking for in a way i guess is for friends on mine to be able to ssh into my linux box and to be able to run a webserver, however i have never used ip forwarding and rules and options like nat and masquerading for iptables so i am not really sure where to start..Also i would like to find a way that if i was to purchase a .com that i could host it at home however i do not have a static ip address so i don't know how i can host a website if my ip address is changing every couple of months..I have read some of the tutorials on basic linux home networking on this site and i saw the part about getting a public ip address however i got a bit confused... If anyone could tell me how to get started maybe provide some links and tell me what i am going to need to do i would really appreciate the advice.Thank you all for your time.