I'm still having problems trying to get my Mepis 8.5 to read the shared drives and folders on my WinXP machine. I'm using a wired router which for everything else is working fine. All was fine with no problems when I was using Suse, which I dropped for other reasons. The network connection was set up with Mepis, and the state of affairs is as follows:- I can read all the Mepis files I want to on the WinXP machine with no problems. When I try to read the WinXP files from Mepis, very occasionally it works once, but either after one read, or much more often at the first try, I get a message saying "the given name cannot be resolved to a unique server". I have checked all the addresses on the network - printers etc. and all seems OK. Sometimes if I re-setup the network on the XP machine I can get just one look at files from Mepis before it reverts to the problem, but often this makes no difference at all. I'm using Dolphin to access the files, vial Network > Samba Shares> [network name]. I can access another workgroup, which appears as "workgroup" in the Samba Shares, on my niece's Win7 machine without any problem at all. At first sight it might seem a WinXP problem, but then that does not explain why the same XP machine and setup responded fine under the Suse system. One slightly confusing issue is that when I again use the WinXP network setup wizard it always offers the default name MSHOME, and it's not clear whether the network name has actually reverted to this or whether (as I suspect) this is just the way the wizard offers a default name anyway. But again, there was no problem using SUSe linux.