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    this post is to inform the interested of a new distribution in the making project Vanillux!

    Here are some of the hightlights (more available on

    • We are using APT but intend to build our own packages and have our own repository!
    • We are a rolling release
    • We use Gnome3
    • We support KVM as our main Hypervisor
    • We try to keep the base install as simple as possible

    We are looking for voloteers

    Thank you

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    Hi again,

    So i would like tp say that we have to a testing distro together. We have yet to make a CD, we are working on that amongst other things.

    Until we make such a CD, we would like to offer the following installation instructions:

    Also i would like to again say that we are still looking for more volunteers, mostly people with knowledge with debian-cd/debian-installer, DAK and apt programmers.

    Thank you

    Will update again on release of CD's

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