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Thread: Installing Linux Server

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    Installing Linux Server

    hi evryone..we were assigned to install linux server,and im having some research about it but, some are very complicated..please if anyone knows, give me the nsteps in installing linux server..or links to search for..thank you very much

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    Almost all linux flavours are capable of being a "server", you simply ensure the services you require are running and correctly configured. Some linux flavours are deliberately set up to be "servers" in the first place. Ubuntu server, Redhat server edition, ClearOS - even the ubiqutious NAS can act as a samba server and dhcp server etc. Perhaps the most useful out of the box experience can be had by installing Amahi Home Digital Assistant with Fedora14 DVD. The question you are asking has many answers thanks to Linux being so versatile. Other contributors here will have other flavours of linux to offer you as suggestions for instance. Perhaps it would be better if you wrote out a specification of what you want to achieve and then look for what will accomplish your specification for you. Good luck with it.

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