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Thread: Mystery MAC Address of industrial scanner

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    Mystery MAC Address of industrial scanner

    Hi guys

    I have been working nicely with an industrial scanner that runs on Linux, but the harddrive has become corrupted and I need to get it working again.

    The problem is that the main PCB has a realtek chip which I believe has the most basic webserver abilities that is used in the most basic way possible.

    To use it ARP commands were used to assign an IP address to the chips MAC address e.g.
    arp -s 00-05-a4-00-a8-f8

    But now I'm starting from scratch, how do I find the MAC address in the first place?

    Fingers crossed and many thanks in advance.


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    > ip addr
    Don't worry Ma'am. We're university students, - We know what We're doing.
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    Nearly always, the MAC address is fixed in the hardware when it is manufactured. So it hasn't changed from what it was before.

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