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Thread: Software RAID with /boot & / fs

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    Software RAID with /boot & / fs

    Hey, all; I'm new to the site and moderately new to Linux - but I'm learning. I've got a question about software RAID setup that isn't covered in the Quick HOWTO: Ch26 on Linux Software RAID.

    That HOWTO says "For the sake of simplicity, the chapter focuses on using RAID for partitions that include neither the /boot or the root (/) filesystems."

    Well, I'm looking to get a little more complex. Is there a similar guide somewhere that does include RAID partitions that contain the root &/or /boot partitions?

    Any help pointing me in the right direction is always appreciated!

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    Your linux install disk has to support raid during install, and you need to install grub to MBR on every HD aswell as on the raid (mdX) else theres practicaly nothing different from having only /home on raid or the entire filesystem.
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