Hello all,
I've a new project for a school including a (ClearOS) server and a cloning/imaging solution/rescue suite (FOG project). FOG is working with PXE system and is normally installed with a DHCP server. As I wanted to keep the COS's dhcp server, I had to add the following line to my dnsmask.conf file : the IP address of the FOG server :


Now, when I start a computer with the pxe boot option, my COS dhcp is relaying correctly to my FOG Server and I can reach it. But the problem is that if I make a 'normal' boot of my computer on its local disk, it never receives an IP address. Once the computer started, If i ask for an IP address, it answers that no dhcp server can be reached.

Than, If i change the boot order in my computer and doesn't choose the PXE, than my system starts normally and receive an IP address from my COS dhcp server. So, I don't know if I've to add something more to my COS dhcp server or maybe change something to my FOG server....