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Thread: Setting up a Linux Home Server

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    Setting up a Linux Home Server

    Hello all! My name is Matt, and I'm new to the forums, and relatively new to Linux itself. I am currently attending ITT Tech, and after taking both the Linux User & Admin courses (Fedora 12), I realized that I had been fooled into thinking that Microsoft produced the only viable operating system. Linux is amazing! Unfortunately, the 2 classes I took had different levels of users, and we were not able to learn as much as we could have since most people couldn't grasp the concept of a "|"... however! I furthered my knowledge on my own time and am now preparing to setup a Linux Home Server, probably with Fedora 12 (since I already have the CD from school) that will serve as a web server and a file server. I do have some questions though; the computer that the server will run on is a Quad Core (2.8GHz), but sadly, the mobo ram cap is only 2GB. Will 2GB of ram be enough to support a small-ish Photoediting Website, along with a file server that will mainly host pictures? I know I have enough storage space (500GB x 3), I just wonder if 2GB of ram is enough. Also, are there any specific things I should consider (installing, running, etc) while I install the OS and afterwards? Would Fedora 12 work for what I want to accomplish? Also, any tips on setting up the file server would be greatly appreciated (web server is a no-brainer).

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

    Edit: I will be using Samba for the file sharing.
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