I'm currently working with my new samba server [samba2.domain.com] which I will use for file sharing and I have an existing samba/ldap [smb/ldap.domain.com] as domain controller which I will use for authentication.
below is my smb2.domain.com smb.conf
workgroup = domain.com
server string = Linux File Server
security = SERVER
password server = [smb/ldap.domain.com password]
username map = [smb/ldap.domain.com ip address]
preferred master = No
local master = No
domain master = No
wins support = Yes
hosts allow = 192.168.1.

comment = Tmp Iso Image Area
path = /tmp/isos
guest ok = Yes

comment = Linux File Server
path = /home/docs-2011
valid users = @domain.com
read only = No

my problem is it keeps on authenticating me and i think i doesn't recognize my smb/ldap.domain.com server.
my smb/ldap.domain.com server is working. I can ping, do the ssh on my smb/ldap.domain.com server from my new samba server.
Is there a missing config? :-(