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Thread: Home network DNS problem

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    Home network DNS problem

    Hi all,

    I have a networking issue and I'm pulling my hear out by now finding a solution, so I hope anyone here can help me.

    I have a homenetwork setup behind a router with several pc's and a few laptops. I also host a website at my home server (a pogoplug running debian).

    The server has a static IP address, the rest uses DHCP (by the router). All nodes are running linux (debian and ubuntu in various flavours).

    The problem is that none of the computers can resolve hostnames in the network. The router should act as the nameserver.

    I think (but by now, I'm not certain of anything really) that all the computers use a different dnsdomain and that is the main reason of the problem. I can't seem to find any solution other than to manually declare all the IP adresses in resolv.conf. But this is not the perfect solution ofcourse.

    Solution anyone?

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    I use all static addresses myself, and do the name = dns in /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.allow. I don't have a clue what you would put there using dhcp. I have 3 computers w/ 2 to 4 OSs on each one. Therefore I can't rely on dhcp to connect IPs and names. And if I did use dhcp, ssh would go down the tubes too.
    So, sorry, no solution
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    Thanks for posting anyway! Using static ip's for all my machines is another option indeed. But I have several laptops involved which drop in and out of several networks (work, friends... ), so I think that is not the ideal solution.
    I think though that DNS through the router should be able to help you too. DNS will (if it works) resolve the current IP address of the named device, whichever IP address it has.


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    Hi all,

    The solution to this problem was very simple. I never knew that some DNS servers required to add the .local domain for internal DNS. So pinging <hostname>.local did the job!


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