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Thread: Godaddy Workspace XSS Whos your Daddy ?

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    Godaddy Workspace XSS Whos your Daddy ?

    arrogance breeds ignorance

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    I have found GoDaddy's Web UIs to be a mosaic of overlapping applications that share session cookies. The risk is that they have to worry about breaking this integration every time there is a recommended security upgrade for an underlying application. This is not very surprising, and good to know. I'm still their customer for some of their services.

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    Well, this doesn't mention the exploits that are available for their servers as well. Most everything they use is not up to date (apache, php, etc), and hasn't been systematically maintained for years.
    arrogance breeds ignorance

    Screaming Electron, Full of BSD Goodness

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    Wonder why anyone would rely on Godaddy.
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